Kim Parenteau, Founder of WILD GRACE
(formerly known as Sequoia Ayurveda)


Ayurveda is a true passion of mine. As well as being an Ayurvedic practitioner I am also a certified yoga teacher. The more I learn about Ayurveda the simpler and more logical everything seems. 
Ayurveda is a truly holistic mind-body health system that treats YOU, the individual, not just your symptoms. Through tools such as meditation, nutrition, aromatherapy, pranayama, yoga, you can find the unique balance that will sustain and fulfill you. Living an authentic life as a human being means being truly connecting to yourself, to your true nature. Ayurveda always brings us back to this simple truth.


The backstory

Like many people in the Wellness industry, I have suffered from a series of health concerns, mostly related to digestion and my menstrual cycle. I began educating myself as I felt a need to get to the root cause of my ailments. Thus began my journey on a path of self-discovery. When doing my yoga teacher training in 2009-2010, I was introduced to Ayurveda; a philosophy and medical practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. This is when I began understanding my issues from a truly holistic perspective. My curiosity and passion for this science further lead me to study Ayurveda with the honorable vedic doctor Mrs Anita Sharma. This holistic science and philosophy have been the driving force behind the creation of WILD GRACE.

I’ve also always had a passion for natural beauty products and have tried almost almost all beauty brands on the market! But I tired of trying everything without ever being fully satisfied with the results. So, I decided to create my own line that would answer my needs and expectations (keeping in mind my own skin sensitivities), and also wanted to bring my own touch and energy as I believed that through my knowledge of Ayurveda and my highly creative nature, I could truly offer something that would be unique on the market.

Today, I offer my creations with great pride in knowing how they empower you through daily beauty rituals and high-performance botanicals to feel and look your very best. Glowing radiance, and self-confidence come from daily self-care practices!

WILD GRACE was born from this mission of helping women honor their own beauty and bring their unique radiant light to the world, using high-quality organic & wild plant-based ingredients. The best of nature to nurture your nature!