Which Essential Oils to Use for Your Dosha

If you are a vata type (typically susceptible to headaches, dry skin, constipation, nervous anxiety, hypersensitivity, insomnia), avoid sharp or strongly perfumed essential oils. You would benefit from warm, energizing oils such as camphor and cypress, combined with the stabilizing, calming oils such as sandalwood, lavender, geranium, jasmine or rose, blended in sesame oil, a carrier oil generally regarded as incomparable in its ability to penetrate the skin. Keep in mind that for my perfumes i use only jojoba oil as a carrier as it is the most compatible with the skin’s natural sebum and will not stain your clothes 😉 A pitta type (typically prone to ulcers, fevers, inflammatory skin diseases, acidity, agitation, anger) would benefit from cooling, calming oils, flowery fragrances such as gardenia, magnolia, jasmine, mint, rose, sandalwood blended in a cooling carrier like coconut oil. A kapha type (predisposed to respiratory ailments and or sluggishness) will benefit from the use of warm, light, stimulating oils such as sage, basil, cedar, pine, myrrh in very light carrier oils. The use of sharp, stimulating and warming fragrances is beneficial for the kapha type, such as cinnamon and cardamom fragrances.

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